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We are pleased to send you the latest issue of Focus on Health, a digest of new and useful information from the fields of vision care and preventive medicine.


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Your Eye Exam (Part I) - Eye doctors use a variety of
tests and procedures to examine your eyes. Tests can
be simple as reading an eye chart, or as complex as having your eyes dilated, while the doctor looks at tiny structures inside your eye using a high-powered lens...and a light that is always "way too bright!" Did you ever wonder what all the 
tests are for and what your results really mean? Do you know what a "refractive error" is or that 20/20 vision is
not necessarily "perfect" vision? read article
Optimize Your Vision - Remember when you had only two choices in contact lenses? "Hard" lenses were best for crisp, clear vision, but were sometimes irritating and uncomfortable. Soft lenses were comfortable but in some cases provided less-than-optimal vision. Now, a technological breakthrough makes having to choose a thing of the past. SynergEyes® hybrid contact lenses offer the best of both worlds. The soft skirt offers all day comfort while the "breathable" rigid center keeps eyes healthy while providing crisp, clear vision. read article

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